Discipline Guidelines

The GBN Senior Secondary School students will :

  • Attend & participate in all classes & complete the given homework.
  • Attend school regularly & on time as per the school timetable.
  • Participate in all extra curricular activities of the school.
  • Obey, respect &honour the educational staff / instructors and all other workers of the school.
  • Handle school property with care.
  • Keep the classroom & surrounding areas clean & presentable.
  • Take part in physical training & games unless exempted on medical grounds by Principal.
  • Follow instructions given by the class prefects and house captains/vice captains appointed by the school.
  • Follow all the rules & regulations of the school strictly.


  • Be respectful & courteous to my peers, juniors, teachers, staff and all school authorities.
  • Not be the victim of any sort of bullying.
  • Obey the instructions of school staff members.
  • Be brisk, quiet and orderly in a single line keeping to the left while moving in the school.
  • Respect & greet all the visitors.
  • Converse in English at all times as the school is in English medium.


  • Wear tidy dress/uniform, tidy shoes, with apt hair do.
  • Not do litter in the school and throw things around.
  • Do cheering & clapping at appropriate times only.
  • Not use offensive language and will show moral behavior with anyone inside and outside the school.


  • Not come late to school, class, activity.
  • Make it a habit to be 5 minutes before time for any activity.
  • Avoid taking leave after holidays.
  • Not give any justification on their late arrival and be ready to pay the fine whenever required.

Use of Language

  • Speak in English in & out of the campus.
  • Never use abusive & offensive language.
  • Not use colloquial speech any time in school.
  • Understand that use of abusive language is considered a grave offence and teacher can take immediate action against me.

Identity Card

  • Wear the ID card around the neck at all times.
  • Be allowed in the campus with a valid ID Card.
  • Take care of my ID as it is an important part of the school’s security system.
  • Report immediately to the school office, in case of loss of ID card.
  • Get duplicate card issued and pay for the same.


  • Be responsible to look after my possessions.
  • Not leave my valuables including pens, calculators and school bags unattended either in the classroom or elsewhere.
  • Not blame peers/school for loss/damage/theft of any articles during the course of use in the school.
  • Not borrow another child’s possessions without his/her permission as it amounts to stealing.

Damage to school property

  • Take care of the school property.
  • Not use it roughly, will not damage and break it.
  • Be imposed with fine in case of any breakage and damage of the school property.
  • Not question in case, if an individual is not identified, then the same will be charged to the entire group of students invovled.
  • Pay the fine which shall comprise of the replacement cost and an additional amount of 50% of the replacement cost.