Our Mission / Our Vision /Our Motto

Our Learning Model

We aim to provide a joyful learning environment that empowers GBNites and develops their self-confidence and competency in the core of their life. Children in the Junior Years are provided with a number of opportunities and a stimulating environment to express, engage and explore the world through a wide variety of experiences and programs. These include inter-school and intra-campus competitions, debates, drama, sports, science, social studies, service projects and more. GBN Senior Secondary School, seeks to instill in its senior students high standards of academic scholarship, integrity, leadership and responsible citizenship. We help each student improve the LIFE skills needed for success (in secondary school), and reinforce values that will allow him or her to act with thoughtfulness and humanity. We want to see a mighty tree within each child and we want to provide it the best conditions for its full potential to be realized. If we visualize a good outcome, we will get a good outcome.

Connect with Open Communication

We recognize that a partnership between parents and the school is essential to the success of our students. Top facilitate on going communication, GBN Senior Secondary School organizes Parent-Teacher Meetings regularly. The connections built between our parents and their wards create open and approachable communication for both students and their parents. Parents receive detailed and personalized school reports after every exam. Parents are welcomed on campus to participate in events and projects of Mother’s club, Sports Events for parents, Lucky Parents Activity etc..

Value Driven Education

Education in the 21st century must be both broader and bolder. GBN Senior Secondary School is committed to excellence in education and the personal growth of every student. Our students learn in a multicultural community where each person is respected regardless of nationality, race, or religion. Students discover the world, its people and its culture through direct experience. Through play, study, and the relationships that they form, GBnites learn to appreciate their own strengths and to respect differences with optimism. Combined with academic rigor, this experience extends outside the classroom and equips students for success and global citizenship beyond school.