Message For Parents & Students

Economic activities are constantly getting modified –actuaries, big-data analyst, cyber-forensic investigator, human gene-mapping scientist, sports exercise scientist, vegan-chef, sand artist – it is amazing the new professions constantly emerging in the economy of every nation.

Cultural identities are blurring with global being the new local – we are eating international cuisines and dressing as per global trends.

So, it is a daunting task for educators, both parents and teachers, to design a curriculum which will suit the needs of this constantly changing socio-economic scenario. However, what is clear for all to see is that,what the children need is a learning environment where they can explore under the guidance of empathetic teacher-facilitators.

GBN Senior Secondary School has had an amazing journey, with the twin motto of integrity and excellence. With this honesty of purpose, the school has been growing by leaps and bounds, always enfolding the children with love and care, facilitating the learning of the sciences, languages, arts, sports, theatre, music, dance, oratory, etc. The excellent and well-qualified staff give individualized attention to each student. The school at any time shows a sea of happy faces of children and staff alike, as they partake in the process of learning joyfully.

Is the glass half-full or half-empty? Is time a relative or an absolute measure? If 99.5% of genes are identical in humans, are we humans almost identical or is this 0.5% of critical importance for the diversity within our species? A myriad of questions bombards the child’s consciousness in this Information Age. Our set-up in the school encourages the natural instinct of children to think of multiple interpretations for any situation and it is this divergent thinking that is the basis for creativity.

GBN School has excellent infrastructure and no effort is spared in equipping each and every Department of the school, whether it be smart-class hardware or the educational software, be it innovative activities in the ten different school-clubs or the healthy competition in the intra-mural activities. The prompt input of the Management is highly constructive and generous, with the only aim being of fulfilling the ideals of the Founder vis a vis the social responsibility towards fellow-beings.

For each child who enters the portals of our school, he or she has found the alma mater, the nourishing mother.

Mrs. Leela Govind, Principal